Help searching on Yahoo

Search can be a tough place to navigate if you're new to the Internet. Finding what you're looking for can be as easy as entering some extra "keywords" into the Yahoo Search box.

Using Yahoo Search

Yahoo site shortcuts

Jump directly to a Yahoo product or service, search on the product name followed by an exclamation point (e.g., "Finance!" or "Sports!")

Commerce and Shipping

  • Exchange Rates: Enter "convert [currency type and amount]" to find the exchange rate for a unit of currency or to convert one currency to another (e.g., "Convert $100 US Dollars to Mexican Pesos").
  • Package Tracking: Check the status of packages shipped via:
    • UPS: Enter the tracking code
    • FedEx: Enter "fedex [tracking code]"
    • USPS: Enter "usps [tracking code]"
  • Shopping Results: Enter "[brand name] [product type/number"] to find specifications, reviews, prices, and retailers for your product (e.g., "Nalgene Water Bottle").
  • UPC Codes: Enter the UPC number on the bar code of any product to find manufacturer information.


  • Music Artists: Enter an artist or band's name for links to albums, lyrics, photos, and videos.
  • Movie Showtimes: Enter "showtimes [location]" to find out what's playing at theaters near you (e.g. "showtimes Phoenix AZ").
  • Movie Trailers: Enter "[movie title] trailers" to see movie trailers (e.g., "Night of the Living Dead trailers").

Health and Lifestyle

  • Health Results: Yahoo gives you a quick list of articles and other resources when you enter a health term such as alzheimers or acne.
  • Recipes: Enter "recipe [ingredient]" to find a new recipe including a certain ingredient (e.g., "recipe avocado").

Local and News

  • Gas Prices: Enter "gas [location]" to find the best price on gas in your area (e.g., "gas Dallas TX").
  • News: Enter "[topic] news" for current headlines (e.g., "California wildfire news").
  • Local Search: Enter "[location]" and "[business category]" or "[business name]" to find business names, numbers, and addresses in any U.S. location (e.g., "New York restaurants").
  • Stock Quotes: Enter "quote [stock symbol]" for the latest price, intra-day charts, and news headlines for any company traded on the New York, American, or NASDAQ stock exchanges (e.g. "quote YHOO").
  • Sports Scores: Enter "[team]" or "[league]" and "scores" for real time scores and stats for recently played games (e.g. "Men's college basketball scores" or "Seattle Seahawks scores").
  • Traffic Reports: Enter "[location] traffic" for current traffic conditions (e.g. "Los Angeles traffic").
  • Weather: Enter "[location] [weather]" for current weather conditions and forecasts (e.g., "Miami weather").


  • Calculator: Use Yahoo Search to do basic mathematical calculations. You can add +, subtract -, multiply *, and divide / (e.g., "678+323/5").
  • Convert Weights, Measures, and Temperatures: Enter "convert [units]" to convert any number of metric or Imperial/English units in whole or decimal form (e.g., "convert 12 inches to meters").
  • Dictionary Definitions: Enter "define [word]" to find the primary definition of any word in the Houghton Mifflin Dictionary (e.g., "define hootenanny").
  • Encyclopedia Lookup: Enter "[topic] facts" to find an encyclopedia entry about a particular subject (e.g., "Elephant facts").
  • Holidays: Enter the name of a holiday to learn the day and date.
  • ISBN Numbers: Enter an International Standard Book Number to find the best price on any book.
  • Synonym Finder: Enter "[word] synonym" to find synonyms from Roget's Thesaurus (e.g., "Internet synonym").


  • Airport Info: Enter "[airport name/code] [airport]" for the latest airport conditions, maps, directions, and local weather (e.g., "SFO Airport").
  • Hotel Comparison: Enter "[city name] [accommodation type]" for popular hotels, including ratings and lowest prices per night (e.g., "Boston Hotels").
  • Flight Info: Enter "[airline name] [flight number]" for departure, arrival, and status information (e.g., "delta flight 123").
  • Local Time/Time Zones: Enter "[time]" or "[timezone]" and "[location]" for a location's current time or to determine its time zone (e.g., "time Dubai" or "timezone London").
  • Maps: Enter "map [location]" or any street address (including city, and state) to map any U.S. location (e.g., "map portland oregon").


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