Yahoo Search results page

 Yahoo Search results provide you with quite a bit of info if you can't find what you're looking for. Here's a rundown of what you'll see.

Search Box

  • Near the search box  – Displays the following:
    • The search term you've entered.
    • The Search button to start your search.
    • The Yahoo Sign In link to login to your Yahoo account.
    • A Yahoo Mail link. This will take you to the Yahoo sign-in page for Yahoo Mail.
    • Click on the More dropdown and choose from the pull-down menu the following choices:
    • Directly under the Search Box is displayed the results on the search term you entered.

Search Categories

  • Search categories: The default link is Web. The segment links will change depending on your search query.
    - Click More to see all the search result page segments.
  • Trending Now: The search query you entered, or the selection you made from the Trending Now section on the front page, displays this section. The Trending Now links are a collection of current articles from across the web that users are viewing the most.
  • Filters: The following filter types are displayed depending on your search query and the associated search results page:
    • Anytime: Filter by Time
    • Past Day
    • Past Week
    • Past Months

Web Results

  • Web Results are generated from the billions of web pages discovered, crawled, and indexed by Yahoo Search.
  • If the results aren't what you are looking for, please try some of our Yahoo Search Tips.
  • Your Yahoo Safe Search settings will affect the results displayed. 


  • These results are advertisements and can be found at the top, bottom, and right side of the search results page depending on your search query.
  • The advertisers ask to have their ad appear when you enter specific words in the Search box.

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