Determining position eligibility in Fantasy Baseball

This article will explain how initial position eligibility was determined, and how a player gains eligibility at a new position in Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball.

At the beginning of the Fantasy Baseball season, Yahoo Sports placed all players into positions, based partially on information from official MLB rosters but also drawing from past performance.

Some players appear in multiple position lists and are eligible to fill any of those positions.

A player will gain eligibility at a new position after five starts at that position, or 10 total appearances at that position.

Pitchers need to make three starts to become eligible as a starter, or five relief appearances to qualify as a reliever.

Please note the following regarding position eligibility:

  • A player's position eligibility will not be adjusted prior to the beginning of the season. Example: If a player who was a third baseman primarily during his career is playing first base exclusively during spring training, the third baseman will not become eligible at 1B until after he meets the criteria for regular-season games played there.
  • Players will not lose positional eligibility during the season, even if they do not appear at the position throughout the season.
  • It is not possible to customize this setting within Custom Leagues. All leagues are subject to the same constraints.

To find the number of games in which a player has appeared at a position,

  1. Click Position Eligibility under the "Players" tab on your league homepage.
  2. Type their name into the available field | Click Search.

Each number displayed is a countdown. For example, "6" means "six games remaining until eligibility," not "six games played at that position."

If an E is displayed at a position, the player is already eligible at that position.

Please note: Players will not necessarily be eligible for all positions listed in their Player Profile.

If you would still like to voice your opinion on a particular player, feel free to provide feedback to Yahoo! Sports directly.

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