Recent Messages appear in the Messenger 11 Conversation Window with archiving off

This article provides information about Recent Messages appearing in the Messenger 11 Conversation Window even though the Do not keep a history of my conversations option has been selected.

It is expected behavior for Yahoo! Messenger to remember your most recent conversations even if you have selected the option Do not keep a history of my conversations. We've decided to keep this feature for your convenience, just in case you close the IM window too soon and need the contents of the last conversation in a crunch. Recent conversations may still appear for a period of time when signing in to another computer or device with the same ID.

If you see conversations from much further back than what you consider "recent," you should check to see if there were any conversations saved prior to selecting Do not keep a history of my conversations. Those messages will appear when selecting Show Recent Messages until manually deleted.

To delete any saved history so that it no longer appears under Show Recent Messages:

  1. Click the Messenger menu, then click Preferences. Your "Yahoo! Messenger Preferences" will open in a new window.
  2. Click Conversation History from the list.
  3. Click the View Conversation History button.
  4. This will open two warning prompts. Click OK on each of them. The archiving feature can be disabled again once the "Conversation History" is deleted.
  5. Your "Conversation History" will open in a new window. Select the conversations you no longer want stored on the Yahoo! servers by checking the boxes on the left hand side of the list. To quickly select all saved interactions, check the box next to Participant.
  6. At the top of the "Conversation History" window, click on Actions, then Delete.
  7. Yahoo! Messenger will ask for a confirmation. If you are sure you want to permanently delete the archive, click Delete.

Now that you have removed the "Conversation History" from the server, change the Yahoo! Messenger Preferences back to Do not keep a history of my conversations.

Additional Information:

Although there is currently no way to disable the "Show Recent Messages" feature within the conversation window, we appreciate suggestions about what you'd like to see in a future version. We created a customer feedback page to make it easy for you tell us what you want. Suggestions entered through the feedback page are regularly reviewed by the Messenger Product Team and will be consideration for a future release. Please understand that our development cycles can be quite lengthy, so if the development team does decide to include it, your suggestion isn't likely to be added right away.

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