Getting started using your webcam with Yahoo Messenger

Get your webcam up and running on Yahoo Messenger. Learn about checking the Messenger webcam requirements and then setting up an external webcam. After it's set up, learn how you can use your webcam with Yahoo Messenger.

Getting your webcam up and running on Yahoo Messenger:

  • Messenger webcam requirements: Check the Yahoo Messenger webcam requirements to see if your webcam is compatible with Messenger.
  • Setting up an external webcam: You'll need to install your external webcam.

    Click here to go to the video Setting Up a Webcam [1:37]

    • We recommend that you follow the webcam manufacturer's instructions for webcam installation.
    • Webcam driver software:
      - Refer to the documentation and installation CD that came with your webcam.
      - Or go to the manufacturer's website and see their download or support areas.
    • USB cord prompting:
      Wait until you're prompted! To plug in the webcam USB cord.
      - This is usually after rebooting your computer.
  • If you switched to a new webcam: How to make Yahoo Messenger recognize your new webcam.

Start using your webcam on Yahoo Messenger:

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