How to View Someone's Webcam

Keep up with your friends by viewing their webcam even if you don't have one on your own computer.

To view someone's webcam:

  1. From the Actions menu:
    • For Yahoo! Messenger 9 and older:
      Click Invite to View My Webcam. The Invite to View My Webcam window opens.
    • For Yahoo! Messenger 9 and newer:
      Click More Actions and select View Webcam. The Invite to View My Webcam window opens.

    Note: The pictures for this page are from Yahoo! Messenger 10; earlier versions of Yahoo! Messenger vary slightly from these pictures. Go to the Yahoo! Messenger download page to get the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger.

    View Webcam command
  2. Click View Webcam and the Request to View Webcam window appears.

    Request to View Webcam window
  3. Select a friend from My Contacts, or click Other Contact and type in the Yahoo! ID of someone not in your Contact List.

    A Waiting for permission window opens with an advertisement in the center.

    Waiting for permission

    Your friend has to grant permission for you to view their webcam.

    Accepting request

    After your friend accepts your request, a chat window appears and the Waiting for permission window then changes to show your friend's webcam image.

    Conversation window
  4. Type your message in the text area at the bottom of the Conversation window.

    Typing your message

You can also request to view someone's webcam directly from the Conversation window.

How to view a webcam from the Conversation window:

  1. From the Action menu:
    • For Yahoo! Messenger 9 and older:
      Select View Webcam.
    • For Yahoo! Messenger 10 and newer:
      Click More Actions, then select View Webcam.

    View webcam from conversation window
  2. Click View Webcam.

To finish your conversation:

  1. Click the Conversation menu in the Conversation window.

    Closing conversation window
  2. Click Close.

Using a webcam while instant messaging with your friends makes your conversation a whole lot more fun!

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