Using Stealth Settings to Appear Offline to Some Contacts

 This document explains how to hide from your friends in Yahoo Messenger.

A stealth setting of online or offline can be activated for a single contact, multiple contacts, or for an entire group. To change your stealth settings:

  1. Right-click on the contact or group name.
  2. Move your pointer over Stealth Settings and select one of the following options:
    • Appear Online to (contact or group name): This is only available if you've signed in as "Invisible" or previously chosen one of the "Appear Offline" commands and is a temporary setting. (If you sign out and then sign back in, Messenger will reset so you appear to everyone as you normally do.)
    • Appear Permanently Offline to (contact or group name): With this choice, you appear offline to this contact or group every time you sign in to Yahoo Messenger.

If you signed in to Messenger with the "Invisible" option, you might select the "Appear Online" option to appear online to just the few people you really want to talk to.

If a contact in your Messenger List appears in italics, you appear offline to that contact.

Lastly, if you sign in as "Invisible," your former stealth settings are erased.

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