Changing the Temperature Display to Celsius on the Yahoo Weather plug-in?

This article explains how to edit the thermometer to show metric units.

The default temperature measurement for Yahoo Weather is degrees Fahrenheit, which is what controls the Yahoo Weather Plug-in. If you'd prefer to have your temperature in degrees Celsius, you'll need to modify your preferences on the Yahoo Weather Page. Here's how:

  1. Close the Yahoo Weather Plug-in by clicking on the down arrow and clicking Close.
  2. Click here to sign in (if you haven't already).
  3. Click Edit next to My Yahoo Locations.
  4. Select the desired temperature measurement: Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  5. Click Finished.
  6. Click Add Plug-ins in Yahoo Messenger, then click Start for Yahoo Weather Plug-ins.

The changes to temperature measurement may take a few moments, so thanks in advance for your patience. If after a few minutes you don't notice the change to the temperature measurement, please try stopping and starting the Yahoo Weather Plug-in.


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