Create a sign-in seal

A sign-in seal is a secret message or image that you choose. Yahoo sign-in pages will display this image or message to let you know you're on a legitimate Yahoo site.

Creating your sign-in seal

  1. Visit our sign-in seal set-up page.
  2. Select Start Now.
  3. Select either Create a text seal or Upload an image.
    • Create a text seal:
      • Enter up to three lines of text in the spaces provided.
        - Each line can have up to seven characters.
      • Choose a message that others won't be able to guess.
        - Don't include your Yahoo ID or password in the message.
    • Uploading an image:
      - Select Browse button and locate the image on your computer.
  4. Select Your sign-in seal color.
    - Select See more colors for additional choices.
  5. Select Preview to see how your seal will appear.
  6. Select Save This Seal when done.

  • Your sign-in seal is saved to your computer.
    - You will need to create a separate sign-in seal for each computer you sign in to Yahoo! with.
  • Be careful not to create a sign-in seal on a public computer.
    - For example, those used in libraries or Internet cafes.
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