Fix problems with Autofill

Would you like your Yahoo ID and password to be remembered on Yahoo sites?  It’s up to you, simply enable or disable your Web browser's Autofill (AutoComplete) settings.

Important: If you use a mobile browserThe internet browser on a smartphone or tablet., you'll need to contact your mobile device's manufacturer for assistance with its Autofill settings.

Enabling Autofill

- Allows the browser to remember your Yahoo ID and password.

Select your browser for instructions

Disabling Autofill

- The browser will not remember your Yahoo login information.

Select your browser for instructions

Disable Autofill for Yahoo only

- If Autofill is enabled, your browser will provide the option to have the password remembered for you.

  • Select Never for this site or Not Now when prompted by your browser.
    • Never for this site - The ID and password fields on Yahoo will be blank upon all future sign-in attempts.
    • Not Now - You'll be asked by your browser to remember your ID and password the next time you sign in to Yahoo.

Note: To remove a specific entry that appears on the Yahoo Sign-in page, see our help article for How to remove a specific autofill ID.

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