Week 17 Fantasy Football Stat Corrections

Fantasy Football is a game of inches ... and a game of corrections.

Each week, the NFL reviews tape of every game and issues official statistical corrections. Sometimes, the corrections make the difference between a Fantasy Football win, and a loss.

Our official data provider gets the corrections from the NFL every Wednesday, and we process them Wednesday nights before publishing them on Thursday mornings.

Most of the corrections affect defensive players (like changes to categories such as sacks or tackles), but corrections can appear in any category.

Official Stat Corrections

  Keep in mind: These changes may or may not apply to your league depending on your league's settings.

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Team Player Old Value New Value Statistic Play or New Status
Chicago Bears Devin Hester 127 121 Kickoff Return Yards 2nd Qtr, 7:59 remaining. Return was for 12 yards, not 18
Dallas Cowboys DeMarco Murray 51 48 Rushing Yards 1st Qtr, 10:51 remaining. Ball fumbled at the PHI 26, not the PHI 23
Kansas City Chiefs Jerrell Powe 0 1 Passes Defensed 4th Qtr, 6:30 remaining. Pass tipped by Powe



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