Change your font style in Site Solution

You can use the Paragraph menu in Site Solution — also known as the Font Style menu — to change what your text looks like. This menu can also help you match a font style to similar elements on your page.

  1. Select the text you want to change.

    YSS Selected Text and Toolbar

  2. Click the Paragraph menu, also known as the Font Style menu.

    YSS Font Style Menu
  3. Select a style that's listed in the menu to apply it to your text.

      Tip: The font style you select will be applied to the entire paragraph, and not just the text you've selected. If you don't want the style to apply to certain words, you'll need to separate them into a new paragraph.

    YSS Font Style Pull-Down Menu

Tip: Using the Paragraph (Font Style) menu instead of the font size, color, and family options is the best way to keep your text consistent with similar elements in your site design.


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