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Find my Yahoo Web Analytics tracking code

  Want to use your existing Yahoo Analytics (YWA ) account with Site Solution?: You'll need to enter the project ID number for the project you want to use to track your domain.

  1. Sign in to your YWA account with Site Solution.
  2. Click Installation.
  3. Click I need the tracking code for non-secure (HTTP) pages | Next.
  4. A box containing some JavaScript code will display. No need to copy all of this code, just find this part: var YWATracker = YWA.getTracker("10001234567")
  5. The number in quotes above is your project ID. Using this number, you can enable tracking on your site.

  Tip: Your project ID number will not be the same as the example given here.

Need help setting up your YWA account?

Visit the YWA Resource Center or, if you’re a Merchant Solutions Standard or Professional customer, check out store analytics help.

  Tip: If you need help learning to add code, we’ve got you covered in our article on Site Solution analytics tools.


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