How do I reorder my pages?

The order of the pages in your site menu (navigation bar) matches their order in the Manage Pages dialog. To reorder your pages, you'll open that dialog and drag pages to a new position.

To reorder your pages:

  1. Click the Site Pages button in your Yahoo Site Solution toolbar.

    YSS Site Pages Button
    YSS Site Pages Button

  2. In the Manage Pages dialog, click once on a page you'd like to move to highlight it.
  3. Holding down your mouse, drag the page to a new location, then let go of your mouse to "drop" it in its new location.

    YSS Manage Pages Dialog Menu: Moving Page
    YSS Manage Pages Dialog Menu: Moving Page

  4. You can drop the page before or after any other page, but not on top of another page. (An indicator will appear to show you where you can drop your page.)

    To make your page a subpage of another page, drag the page below the main page and move your mouse a little to the right before dropping it in its new location (you'll see the beginning of the indicator move to the right as well). When you make the page a subpage, it will appear shifted a little to the right, with a smaller icon than a main page.

  5. When you're finished reordering, click Update to save your changes.

You'll see your new page order reflected in your site menu (navigation bar). Note that if you created subpages, you may need to visit the main page in that section to view the subpages in your site menu. See details.

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