How can I make thumbnail images?

A thumbnail is a small version of an image. Web designers sometimes display thumbnails instead of full-size images on a page to save space and time (small images appear on the page more quickly than large ones). A visitor can click the thumbnail to see the full-size version of the image.

See more on image size.

You can make thumbnails easily with one of Site Solution's gallery pages. When you add an image to a gallery, we'll automatically create a thumbnail version of your image and arrange it attractively on your page. When visitors click the image, they'll automatically open a special viewer that displays a larger version of the image, along with the image's caption, if you chose to add one.

If you add more than one image to your Grid gallery, the image viewer will also includes controls your visitor can use to go to the next or previous image, or scroll through a slideshow of all of the images in that gallery.

A gallery image with viewer controls
A gallery image with viewer controls

Learn how to create a gallery.

Please note that the shape and dimensions of your gallery thumbnail images are defined by Site Solution and the site design and layout you chose. Depending on the dimensions of your own image, you may notice that your image appears cropped in its thumbnail form. Don't worry — when you click the image on your site, the full picture will appear in the gallery viewer.

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