Save your image in a different file size or format

To change the file size or format of an image, open the image in your own editing software and then save the image again in a smaller size or a new format.

Editing an image

Each image editor works a little differently, but the editing process will generally work like this:

  1. Open your image with your editor.
  2. Use the editor to modify your image or change its width and height, if necessary.
  3. Save the image in a format that works with Yahoo Site Solution (GIF, JPG, or PNG).

(Consult your software's documentation for complete instructions.)

Image editing programs

Most computers include a basic image editing program:

You'll also find some great resources online. For basic editing, try one of these free tools, or search for your own.

Web-based editors (allow you to edit in a web browser):

Downloadable software:

  If you plan to do more advanced image editing, you may want professional software like Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe PhotoShop


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