Add Twitter and Facebook badges to my page in Site Solution

Social badges provide a quick and easy way to connect with your site visitors. Your visitors can click your Twitter or Facebook badges (small images) to visit your social pages, where you might post breaking news, sales, or other of-the-minute information.

You can add Twitter and Facebook badges from the Contact Settings dialog. Your badges will appear just below your contact details on every page of your site.

Note: To set up Twitter or Facebook accounts, please visit Twitter or Facebook.

To add a Twitter or Facebook badge:

YSS Social Badges Dialog Box
YSS Social Badges Dialog Box

  1. Click the "Site Settings" link in your Site Solution toolbar.

    YSS Site Settings Link
    YSS Site Settings Link

  2. Click the "Contact information, business name, and display settings" link.

    YSS Site Settings Contact Info Link
    YSS Site Settings Contact Info Link

  3. Click the Social Badges tab.
  4. Click in the first field to modify or remove the introductory text (this optional text will appear before your social badges).
  5. Enter your Twitter and Facebook account names in the fields provided. You can enter just your Twitter name (like YSmallBusiness) or Facebook name (like YahooSmallBusiness) or the full link to your social page.
  6. Click to select the checkbox corresponding to each item you want to display on your site (text and/or badges).
  7. Click the Update button to save your changes.

Depending on your site design and the details you have chosen to display on your site, you'll see your changes reflected at the top or bottom of each page. Learn how to show or hide your contact information.

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