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Make your blog your home page

You can make your blog your home page when you activate WordPress.

In step 2 of the activation process, select the checkbox to make your blog the main page of your website. After you complete activation, your site visitors will be able to enter your domain name, such as, in their web browsers to see your main blog page.

Please be aware that when you choose to make your blog your home page, you'll replace any home page you've already created. When you activate WordPress, you add a package of files to your website that allows you to use the WordPress tools to create, manage, and publish your own blog. Among these files is a document called index.php, which represents your blog home page and by its nature becomes the main page of any directory in which it appears. If you choose to make your blog your website home page, this file will be installed in your main (root) directory, superceding any home page that you already created.

Before you activate WordPress, make sure you've decided where you'd like your blog to appear. If you'd like to preserve a home page you've already created, but you want to make your blog your home page, be sure to save your existing file (to your site with a different name, or to your computer) before activating WordPress.

 Tip: If you'd like to give your blog a memorable web address without making it your home page, consider creating a subdomain.

You might choose to install your blog files in the subdirectory myblog, for example. After you've completed activation, open your subdomain tools by clicking Manage subdomains on the Manage tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel (or the corresponding link on your Domain Control Panel). From the "Manage Your Subdomains" page, you can create a subdomain of your site, such as, then forward this subdomain to your blog — in our example, to the myblog subdirectory.

Your site visitors will then be able to use the easier-to-remember web address (instead of to view your blog. Learn more about subdomains.

If you change your mind later, you can still make the blog your home page by creating a simple PHP file to redirect traffic to the main page of your blog.

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