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Font on my SiteBuilder page looks different on other computers

When visitors view your site, their web browsers will search their computer for the font you chose. If the web browser can't locate a particular font installed on the visitor's computer, it will instead display the text in another font which is available on the visitor's computer.

Most computers and browsers recognize a set of standard fonts (Arial and Times New Roman, for example), so it's always a good bet to use those on your site.

If you need to use a non-standard font to achieve a certain effect on your site, you can publish your text as an image. When you convert your text into an image, web browsers won't have to interpret your chosen font, and your text should look the same on all computers.

Be aware, however, that the more text you save as an image, the more slowly your page will appear, particularly for visitors without high-speed Internet connections. If you want to use a special font, we recommend applying it to your page very selectively, such as in your page title or another key display area, allowing the rest of the page to appear in a common font.

Additionally, if you convert text to an image it cannot be read and indexed by search engines when they review your site for inclusion in search results.

To publish your text as an image:

  1. Select the text you'd like to change to an image.

    Selected Text
    Selected Text

  2. Right click on the selected text and choose "Properties" in the pop-up menu.

    Text Contextual Menu: Properties
    Text Contextual Menu: Properties

  3. Click the "Publish text as image" checkbox and then the OK button.

    Text Properties Dialog Menu: Publish Text as Image
    Text Properties Dialog Menu: Publish Text as Image

  4. Save and publish your changes.

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