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Importing a Site

You can use SiteBuilder to continue working on a Yahoo web site created using another tool, such as Yahoo PageBuilder or your own site building software, such as Dreamweaver. (Please be aware, however, that web sites imported into Yahoo SiteBuilder will no longer be editable in Yahoo PageBuilder or other site wizards or software. If you are concerned about being able to edit your web site using another site building tool later, we recommend that you make a copy of your web site files and save them on your computer before importing your web site with SiteBuilder.) The web site must be stored in your Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account in order be able to import it with SiteBuilder. Learn more.

Please be advised that SiteBuilder offers only limited support for web sites incorporating HTML and/or other programming languages. If any web pages in your web site were not originally built with SiteBuilder or Yahoo PageBuilder, SiteBuilder will import those pages without modifying them. If you choose to use SiteBuilder to modify these pages, SiteBuilder will do its best to interpret the pages correctly, preserving their original content, formatting, and layout. However, you should be sure to check all of your pages carefully for errors before saving.

Please note also that the web site stored in your Yahoo account will not be affected when you import it to SiteBuilder. You'll damage your site only if you republish pages containing errors or other problems, so please be sure to check your pages carefully.

To import a site stored online:

  1. Select "Import Yahoo Site" from the File menu.

    File Menu: New Site Link
    File Menu: New Site Link

  2. If you are not already signed in, you will be asked to sign in to your Yahoo Web Hosting account. (If you are already signed in but would like to sign in to a different Yahoo Web Hosting account, select "Change User" from the File menu.)

    SiteBuilder Sign In Dialog Box

  3. You'll see a message letting you know that imported files may display differently in SiteBuilder, and that files you import and then publish with SiteBuilder will not be editable in the tool you originally used to create them. (Learn more.) Click OK to continue.

    Import Site Warning Message
    Import Site Warning Message

  4. Now you'll decide in which site folder to save your imported site files. Select the radio button next to your choice:
    • If you currently have a SiteBuilder site open, you can choose to save your files in the folder containing that site. Choose "Use the current site folder" (note that this option will not be available if you do not currently have a site open).
    • To save your files in a new site folder, choose "Create a new site folder" (recommended if you're importing a complete web site).
    • To save the files in an existing site folder, choose "Open an existing site folder."
    (If you haven't already used SiteBuilder to start building a site, you'll be required to create a new site folder before you can import a site.)

    Choose Import Destination Dialog Window
    Choose Import Destination Dialog Window

  5. If you chose to create a new site, enter a name for the site and choose a location in which to save this site folder. We recommend storing the site in the default location. (To choose a new location, click the Browse button and select a new folder in which to store the site.) Click OK.

    Choose Site Name and Location Dialog Window
    Choose Site Name and Location Dialog Window

  6. The Import Site dialog box displays the site you are importing and the destination to which the files will be copied. (You chose the destination folder, shown in the "Import to:" field, in the last step.)

    If you have more than one domain associated with your Yahoo ID, click the Browse button next to the "Import from:" field, then use the pull-down menu in the Import from dialog window to choose the site whose files you would like to import. Click OK to return to the Import Site dialog.

    In the Import Site dialog, click OK to confirm your choices and begin importing your site.

    Import Site Dialog Window: Locations
    Import Site Dialog Window: Locations

  7. SiteBuilder will display your import progress. Please be aware that importing very large sites can take some time to complete.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message when the import process is complete. Click OK to close the message.

Note: SiteBuilder will not import files that end in the .sql extension, and will also alert you if it encounters any files whose names it can't understand. If you find that one of your file names is invalid, change the file name in your File Manager, then try importing again.

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