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Receive payments through PayPal

When your site visitor uses the PayPal button on your web page to send you a payment and completes the transaction, you will receive a notification email at the email address associated with your PayPal account (you'll enter this email address when you sign up for your PayPal account and when you create each PayPal button on your site). This notification email will contain the transaction details, including the payment amount, the name and email address of the person who submitted the payment, and associated item information, if applicable.

The payment funds will be credited to your PayPal account and remain there until you withdraw them or send the funds to someone else via PayPal. To view your account balance and retrieve funds, you'll need to visit the PayPal web site and sign in using the email address and password associated with your account. To withdraw funds from your account to your bank, select the "Request Money" tab on your PayPal account page and follow the instructions provided. You can learn more about withdrawing funds in the PayPal help center.

Important note: Funds sent to you via PayPal buttons will be delivered to the email address you specify when you create the PayPal buttons and remain in your PayPal account until you withdraw the funds to your bank account or use PayPal to send money to someone else. Please be aware that these funds will not be delivered to your Yahoo Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account.

Please note: The PayPal Buy Now and Donations buttons and PayPal's payment services are provided by PayPal, not by Yahoo! Inc. This help page is provided for informational purposes only, and Yahoo does not represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein. Please consult the PayPal web site for all applicable PayPal terms, conditions, and fees associated with your use of PayPal's Buy Now or Donations buttons and services.

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