Linking to a PDF, Spreadsheet, or Other File

  Note: Your visitors can open the file only if they've installed the appropriate software. For example, you need Adobe Acrobat to open a PDF file.

Create a text link or image link

  1. Under Select a file on your computer, click Browse.
  2. Find the file you’d like to link.
  3. Click Create.
  4. SiteBuilder will scan the your site files.
    1. If the selected file isn’t already uploaded to your site, SiteBuilder will ask if you want to copy the file into your site.
    2. If SiteBuilder prompts you to upload the file, click OK.

Create a text link in your Site Contents Pane by dragging

  1. In SiteBuilder, find and click on the file on your desktop you’d like to link.
  2. Hold down to drag the file onto a folder in your Site Contents pane.
  3. SiteBuilder Site Contents Pane.
  4. Drop your file in that folder.

Add to your page

  1. In your Site Contents folder, click the + next to the folder’s name to find your file’s name.
  2. Add the file to your page by dragging.
  3. Drop the dragged file in your page to add a link.

Want to change the text of your added link?

  1. Click on the link once.
  2. Add your new text in the Link menu.

    Link Dialog: Text Field
    Link Dialog: Text Field

  3. Click Create

    Link Dialog: Create Button
    Link Dialog: Create Button


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