About Images and Clip Art

Images add visual interest to your web site, and can take many forms. You might add a logo or graphic that represents your business or hobby to the top of each page in your site, or punctuate your newsletter with illustrations, charts, or other informative images. You might consider adding photos to your wedding site or including pictures in your online store next to descriptions of the products you sell. Icons, patterned lines, and background images can help attract your visitors' attention and encourage them to browse your site.

Learn how to add an image to your page.

SiteBuilder allows you to add images from either your own computer or SiteBuilder's collection of clip art. If you have your own logo image, for example, you can save it to your computer then use SiteBuilder to add it to your site. We recommend saving your images as GIFs (for illustrations and other graphics) or JPEGs (for photos). See all supported file formats.

To ensure that your web pages load quickly (in other words, to make sure a web browser can display them quickly), try to keep your image sizes small, and don't fill each page with photos and graphics. The larger an image (in file size and actual pixel dimensions), the longer it will take to download into a web browser. Whenever you adjust the dimensions of an image using SiteBuilder, the program automatically optimizes your pictures for the Web, saving it at the smallest possible file size.

Use the clip art selection for useful graphics like navigation bar buttons, bullets, and icons, as well as photos, background images, and more. Clip art images are free of copyright restrictions, so you can use them whenever you like.

Don't see the clip art image you need? Learn how to download new clip art.

You can add images to both blank and template pages of your web site. Once you add your image, you'll be able to edit, delete, and reposition it anytime.

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