Why won't my PHP script send email?

When you send email using a PHP script, make sure that the "From:" address in your email header is set to an address at your domain name. If the address is set to an external email address, you'll see an error in your /tmp/mailError.log file, and the email will not be sent.

For example:

2014 Jun 18 21:18:15 Result: 9
2014 Jun 18 21:18:15 From address not in member domain. Message not sent.

The PHP mail() function is limited to 250 emails per day. Once you've reached this limit, the email generated by your scripts will not be sent until the limit resets for the next day. These emails will not be held for delivery, so you may need to recreate and re-send any emails which were not sent if your script reached the 250-per-day email limit.

Learn how to set up PHP mail.

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