Transfer files with FTPS

  As of February 19, 2013, Yahoo Small Business has completed the transition from supporting FTP to FTPS. To avoid any connection issues, please make sure you have updated your FTP client to use your FTPS settings

Before you can use FTPS to transfer files to or from your computer, you'll need to set up an FTP tool (also called an FTP client) by entering your FTPS account settings.

Once the FTP client is set up, you can use it to transfer files to and from your Yahoo Web Hosting account.

Transfer your files with FTPS

1. Connect to your account.

To get started, use your FTP client to connect to your Web Hosting account: After you enter your account information, click the Connect, Go, or similar button to activate a connection. (See your tool's documentation for detailed instructions.)

When you successfully connect, your FTP client will display the folders and files in your Web Hosting account (your remote site). Generally this display will look a lot like the files and folders on your computer (your local site).

Can't connect? See our troubleshooting tips.

The local site (1) and remote site (2) view in FileZilla

2. Open your folder.

Some FTP tools will also open a pane (usually on the left side) that displays your local site. If you don't see this pane, open the folder on your computer desktop that contains the file you want to transfer using FTP. For easier viewing, you might want to move the folder next to your FTP display so you can see both sets of files and folders.

3. Transfer your file.

When you transfer a file with FTP, you create a copy of that file in the destination you choose. The easiest way to transfer the file is to drag it.

To transfer a file from your computer to your Web Hosting account, locate the file in the local site pane of your tool (or the local folder you opened in step 2) and click on it once. Holding down your mouse button, drag the file to the pane displaying your remote site. Let go of the mouse button over the folder into which you'd like to place a copy of the file.

To transfer a file from your Web Hosting account to your computer, just reverse the process. Locate the file in your remote site. Click on the file once and, holding down your mouse button, drag it to the pane or folder displaying your local site. Let go of your mouse button over the folder into which you'd like to place a copy of the file.

Your FTP client will usually indicate that the file transfer is taking place. When the transfer is complete, you'll see a copy of the file in the location you chose.


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