Trouble connecting using FTPS

If you are having trouble establishing an FTPS connection make sure that you have an internet connection. After you have confirmed you have are connected to the internet, please make sure you have entered your FTPS settings correctly:

  1. Enable Explicit FTP over TLS/SSL
  2. Host or Address: (replace with your domain name)
  3. User or login: (replace name with your Yahoo ID and replace with your domain name)
  4. Password: The password used to sign in to your Yahoo account

You can find your FTPS settings on the Create & Update tab in your Web Hosting Control Panel. We suggest that you are also inputting your settings correct to your FTP client.

If you are still having trouble establishing an FTPS connection be sure to check the following:

  • Yahoo ID and Password:

    For your user make sure that you are typing your Yahoo ID before the @ sign. You do not need to include the part of your ID.

    Make sure you are using the correct password.If you have recently changed your password, make sure you are using your new password in the FTPS client. Also, when you are typing in your password make sure that you are using the correct capitalization, for example, "PaSsWoRd" is different from "PASSWORD" which is different from "password".
  • Check to make sure you are using the correct mode.

    Make sure that you are selecting Passive mode when you are connecting. Most FTPS clients will give you the option of picking either Passive or Active FTP, you want to confirm you are using Passive. You should be able to confirm that you are using Passive mode by going into the programs preferences.
  • Check your security software.

    Because of the type of connection used by FTPS, some security software may block the connection.
  • Ask your ISP.

    If you have checked the above information, and are still unable to establish an FTPS connection, check with your ISP. In some cases, your ISP may block the type of connection used when establishing an FTPS connection.

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