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I get the message "your login session has expired." Why?

Even if you do not manually sign out of your Yahoo account, the login will expire after a period of time. When trying to perform an action after the login has expired, you may receive the message "Your login session has expired" or may be taken to the sign in screen to re-enter the login credentials. Login sessions expire as a safeguard for Yahoo Small Business users, especially for those who use public or shared computers.

  • You can choose to be logged out automatically either every day, or every two weeks. To review and update this setting:
    1. Sign in to your profile at


      Click the "Account Info" link at the top of the screen in your Yahoo Small Business account.

      Yahoo Small Business Account Info LinkYahoo Small Business Account Info Link
      Yahoo Small Business Account Info Links


      • Locate the welcome message in the upper-left corner of the screen in your Yahoo email account, e.g. "Hi, John" and click the arrow to the right of the welcome message.

        Business Email Welcome Message
        Business Email Welcome Message


      • Click the "Account Info" link in the pull-down menu.

        Business Email Welcome Message Pull-Down Menu - Account Info Link
        Business Email Welcome Message Pull-Down Menu - Account Info Link

    2. You'll be taken to the Yahoo Sign In Screen to re-enter your password for security. Enter your password and click the Sign In button.
    3. Under the "Sign-In and Security" section, click the "Change sign-in settings"

      Account Info Screen - Change sign-in settings Link
      Account Info Screen - "Change sign-in settings" Link

    4. Choose a preferred time period from the "Sign me out every:" pull-down menu. If you access Yahoo services from public computers, we suggest you choose a short time period for greater account security.

      Account Info - Change sign-in settings Pull-Down Menu and Save Button
      Account Info - "Change sign-in settings" Pull-Down Menu and Save Button

    5. Click the Save button to save your changes and you will receive a confirmation message.

      Change sign-in settings Confirmation Message
      "Change sign-in settings" Confirmation Message

  • Signing in to a second Yahoo account in another browser window will automatically sign you out of the first. When you return to the first account, clicking on any link will give you the "Your login session has expired" message or present the Yahoo Sign In Screen. Note: You can sign into different Yahoo accounts in different web browsers. For example, you can sign in with one Yahoo ID in Internet Explorer and a different Yahoo ID in Firefox and stay logged in to both accounts.
  • If you repeatedly receive the message "Your login session has expired" or are repeatedly cycled back to the sign-in screen with no error message after entering your ID and password, your problem may be caused by a difficulty setting your user cookie. (A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser to help identify who you are. Yahoo Small Business uses cookies to keep you logged in to your account as you move from page to page.) If your cookie isn't being accepted correctly, you'll be logged out of your account as soon as you move to a different page. This will prevent you from signing in or staying signed in.

    There are a number of reasons the cookie may not be set properly:

    • Computer date set incorrectly: Cookies rely on dates and an incorrect date can confuse your browser, causing it to "forget" your cookie. To fix this, set the correct time and date on your computer.
    • Security programs: If you have virus or spyware protection programs installed on your computer they can monitor or block cookies being sent to your computer. Try Temporarily turning off anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall products before signing in.
    • Firewall: You may be behind a firewall that doesn't allow you to receive cookies. If you are connecting from a business Intranet, check with your System Administrator.
    • Browser not set to accept cookies: If your browser is not accepting cookies it cannot maintain your login. Most browsers have several options for accepting cookies. Learn more about Setting your browser to accept cookies.
    • Internet connection was interrupted: Being even momentarily disconnected from the internet can cause your login cookie to become invalidated. You may not always be aware that you have been temporarily disconnected. Sometimes lower bandwidth connections such as dial-up or satellite internet can cause frequent, brief disconnections that cause the need to log in again.
    • Corrupted browser cookie files; Sometimes corrupted cookie files won't support the Yahoo Small Business login. Try shutting all of your browser's windows, then deleting the cookie files in your browser's directories. See: How do I clear my browser's cookies?
    • Corrupted browser: If the above suggestions haven't helped, it may be that your browser itself is corrupted. The easiest solution may be to try another browser on your computer; you can also reinstall your current browser by finding the original installation file and repeating the installation process. As a last resort, you can download a new browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, or an updated version of your current browser.

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