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How can I create my own error pages?

The Custom Error Pages feature allows you to personalize the page that appears when your site visitor encounters a problem while viewing your web site. You can use this tool to help eliminate your visitors' confusion by explaining how to remedy the issue.

For example, when a visitor tries to view a page that you have deleted, he will typically encounter a generic "404 not found" error. With Custom Error Pages, you could replace this message with friendlier directions to a new page. Similarly, you might replace the basic "401 authorization required" error that occurs when a visitor enters incorrect sign-in information on a password-protected page with helpful instructions and contact information.

To create your own custom error page, you'll simply need to build a page using any of our tools and save the page in your main directory with the name e404.html (for "404 not found" errors) or e401.html (for "401 authorization required" errors). For more information, head to the Create & Update tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel and click "Custom Error Pages" in the Other Site Building Tools section.

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