Guide to create and update your website

If you're new to Yahoo Web Hosting, learn how to create and then edit your website. We provide several easy to use tools that make the website building process painless.

Sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel

Your Web Hosting Control Panel is the control center of your account. From here, you can access your website building tools, access your email and manage your sites performance. To get started managing your account you simply just need to sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel.

Choose a tool and build your site

One of the great things about Yahoo Web Hosting, options. We give you the choice of what tool you want to use to build your website with, and we even provide you with several Yahoo tools in case you don't have your own. Depending on what tool you want to use, we offer comprehensive help to answer all of your questions.

If you find that none of the tools that we provide are right for you, not to worry, you can use your own program, or write your own HTML.

When you're ready to come back and edit your site, you just need to remember what tool you used, and then follow the same steps to access it.

Next Steps

 Set up email

After publishing your site, you'll want your site visitors to be able to contact you. To help maintain your sites professionalism, your web hosting plan also comes with business email addresses.

Promote your site

You'll want potential customers to be able to find you. To help you get noticed, we'll submit your site to both Yahoo and Google for consideration in their search engine results.

Search engines are not the only path to success, and you'll want to use the other forms of communication. When you are ready, make sure to send out your grand-opening email.

For additional ideas on how to promote your website, visit the Promote tab in your Web Hosting Control.

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