How do I create a mobile web site with my DudaMobile Premium service?

If you have an existing Yahoo Web Hosting desktop web site that's built and published, then you're ready to convert this site to a mobile site using your DudaMobile Premium service. Please note that DudaMobile premium supports full integration with sites built using Yahoo Site Solution only. DudaMobile Premium may work with other publishing tools, but there may be additional steps required to add DudaMobile widgets for some dynamic content.

To create your mobile web site:
  1. Sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Click the Mobile Web Site tab.
  3. Click the Sign in to DudaMobile button. You'll be taken to your DudaMobile Premium dashboard where you can create your site.
  4. First, select a layout and color palette for your site for your site. When you select these options, you'll see how your site content will appear in the site building module on the right side of the screen. You can customize your selected layout and color palette by clicking the Customize button below the layout option you've selected, and below the color palette you've selected. When you've finished selecting and customizing your layout and color palette, click the Next button.
  5. Edit your site design using the available options. Basic site editing options when the Basic tab is selected allow you to edit your header and logo, and your navigation menu, as well as add a click-to-call button, add mobile maps, and remove content. When you click the Full button, you'll see additional options such as adding a footer and adding other content. When you've finished editing your site design, click the Next button.
  6. Now you're ready to save your changes and publish your mobile site. Once you click the Save My Changes button, your mobile site will go live.

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