Installing and editing a counter on your site

To create or edit a counter:

  1. Go to the Create & Update tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel | Expand Other Site Building Tools  | click Add-Ons.
  2. Choose Counters
  3. Select the radio button next to the file in which you would like to add a counter or edit an existing counter | click Continue.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In the "Preset Counter Value" field enter the number of hits you would like to display | click Set.
  6. Personalize your counter, to your specifications | click Continue.
  7. Choose Yes if you're editing an existing counter or choose No if you're creating a new counter | click Continue.
  8. If you chose "Yes," your counter has been updated. If you chose "No," you will see the HTML code, highlight the code and copy it | click Continue.
  9. Paste the code on your page, making sure you are pasting into an area that accepts HTML.

After you've added or replaced the HTML code on your page, you should see your new or updated counter. If you were updating an existing counter, and your changes do not appear, try deleting your old counter code and re-adding the new HTML code for your counter.

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