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Reviews are a great opportunity both to promote your business and to increase the number of links to your site — free. Finding others to sing your praises may require some time and research, but a good review can be invaluable for your business reputation.

Submitting your web site to local listing sites like Yahoo Local and other directories may naturally drive reviews, as your customers write about their experiences with your business.

But actively seeking reviews can be very effective! Start with your own customers: They may write reviews on community web sites or on blogs or sites of their own. Ask your satisfied customers to write reviews of your business, and encourage them to include links to your business.

Then look at your industry. Do you subscribe to specialized newsletters or magazines? Submit information about your business to those publications, as well as any web sites, bulletin boards, and other media that rate and review businesses like yours, and ask them to include your web address with their review.

Consider businesses related to yours — would their customers find your products or services of interest? Ask those related businesses for reviews, too! Your local rental car agency may be willing to include a few sentences about the service at your hotel, for example, and the restaurant that buys your produce might be happy to post a short endorsement of your business on its site. Be creative!

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