Create a mailing list

An email mailing list will make it easy to send email announcements — a simple, effective, and free way to promote events, sales, and other developments — or simply to remind existing customers to return to your website, storefront, or office.

You can create mailing lists with just about any email software, including your Business Mail tools. You'll simply gather your contacts' email addresses into distribution groups that you can use to easily send updates and other emails.

To gather email addresses for your mailings, create a sign-up form or simple email link on your website, place a mailing list sign-up sheet near your checkout counter, or simply ask your customers and contacts if you can send them mailings later. Make sure to tell your customers why you're requesting their email addresses, and let them know that you won't sell or share their contact information with other businesses.

Learn how to add contacts in Business Mail, or check your own email software's documentation for help adding contacts.

As you collect email addresses, you can group them into mailing lists. If you're managing your email with your own software, check the manufacturer's documentation for help creating groups or mailing lists, or learn how to create lists in Business Mail.

If you have a Merchant Solutions plan, we can help you create a mailing list from your orders.

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