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A grand-opening email is a quick, easy, and free way to start spreading the word about your business. With a simple email, you can let your colleagues, friends, and family know that your online business is up and running, and encourage them to tell their friends. With minimal effort, you can alert lots of people to your new site.

If you use the grand-opening email tool included with your Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account, we'll make sure your email content looks great. You can even include a coupon to give your contacts extra incentive to visit your shop or office. A large "Visit My Site" or "Start Shopping Now!" button helps encourage your email recipients to check out your site.

The sample text included in our grand-opening email tool will help you get started, and after you edit and send your first message, we'll save your personalized content to make sure you can send emails to additional contacts about as quickly as you can type their email addresses.

Learn how to send your own:

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