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Transfer domain registration to Yahoo

We make it easy for anyone to transfer an existing domain to use with a Small Business plan.

Signing up

If you haven't already signed up for a Small Business plan, you'll need to do that before you can transfer your domain.

Choose a Small Business plan. When you're asked to choose a domain name, click the Transfer your domain>> link, then follow the instructions to sign up for a plan using the domain name you already own.

After you complete your order, we'll guide you through the transfer process.

Please note that you can associate only one domain with each plan. If you already have a Small Business plan, such as Yahoo Web Hosting, and would like to transfer additional domains to Yahoo, you can! (You'll be able to easily redirect traffic from those domains to your web site anytime.)

Preparing to transfer

The steps required to transfer your domain may vary a little depending on your registrar, but to transfer any domain, you'll need to:

  • Ask your registrar for the special code (like a PIN number for your domain) that you'll need to authorize the transfer. Depending on your registrar, you'll need either your authorization code or registry key. (Every domain includes both, but you'll need only one or the other — we'll let you know which one when you start the transfer process.)
  • Make sure your domain name is unlocked. Often you can unlock the domain yourself using your registrar's domain management tools. Or just contact your registrar for help.

Tip: Don't remember which registrar you used? Look it up in the public WHOIS.

You may also need to update a few of your domain settings. See more on what you need to prepare for a transfer. (If you already began the transfer process and were asked for your registry key, see our special registry key steps.)

Starting your transfer

When you order your plan, we'll check your domain to make sure it's ready to transfer and let you know if you'll need to update any settings before you can transfer. If your domain is ready, you can start the process right away when you click the Get Started button on the order confirmation page.

You can also start the domain transfer process anytime on your Domain Control Panel. There you'll see a message that says, "Domain transfer: not initiated." Click the transfer your domain link to begin.

Click the transfer your domain link

Completing the transfer

Your transfer steps will vary depending on your current domain registrar. We'll let you know which steps apply to you when you sign up for a new plan or click the transfer your domain link on your Domain Control Panel. To complete your transfer, you'll follow the authorization code or registry key path.

Authorization Code

If the page you see when you start your transfer asks for your authorization code, you'll follow the steps below to complete your transfer.

This screen asks for your authorization code:
Authorization code page

  1. Verify that you can receive mail at the email address shown. You must reply to the email we'll send to that address to authorize your transfer, so it's crucial we have the correct address.

    If we're unable to read the contact information in your domain records (your WHOIS), we'll ask you to double-check the email addresses yourself before continuing. You can contact your registrar to confirm your WHOIS, or check yourself in the public WHOIS database.

    (Don't worry if we can't read your email address — that's usually just a simple system glitch. You just need to make sure your public WHOIS records are accurate.)
  2. Enter your 6- to 32-character domain authorization code. If you don't have your authorization code, please contact your registrar.
  3. After you click Continue, we'll verify that your domain is ready to transfer, then ask you to review your domain registration information (WHOIS) and make any corrections in preparation for your transfer. Changes here will not change your current records; rather, when your transfer is complete, we'll use this information to populate your public domain records.

    If your domain is not ready to transfer — for example, if the domain is locked or has been transferred in the last 60 days — we'll let you know. You'll be able to restart the process again anytime. See how to prepare your domain to transfer.
  4. Click Continue to kick off the transfer process!
  5. Important: Within 24 hours we'll send an email to the email address you confirmed in step 1 (the administrative or registrant email address listed in your WHOIS records). Open the email and click the authorization link in the message to go to the final transfer authorization step. (Note that this link is configured for your domain name, and will expire after 5 days, so be sure to take action immediately!)
  6. On the authorization page, you'll be asked to enter your name, confirm that you have read Melbourne IT's terms of service, and retype your authorization code — the same code you entered when you initiated your transfer (step 2).
  7. Click Proceed with Transfer to authorize your domain transfer from your current registrar to Yahoo.
  8. When you see a message confirming that your authorization was successful, you're done! Your transfer will be complete shortly, usually within a week (we'll send you an email to let you know).

Registry Key

If the page you see when you start your transfer asks for your registry key, please make sure your domain is ready to transfer by unlocking your domain and turning off private domain registration, if applicable. See how to prepare your domain to transfer.

This screen asks for your registry key:
Registry key page

When your domain is ready to transfer, enter your registry key in the field provided. If you don't have your registry key, please contact your registrar.

That's it! If there are any problems transferring your domain, we'll let you know immediately; otherwise your transfer should complete in minutes.

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