Small Business glossary: B

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See data transfer.

A blog, or web log, refers to a web site or page featuring frequently updated, chronological entries (or posts), such as an online journal or public diary. Blog writers (sometimes known as bloggers) may create their blogs for personal or professional use, covering anything from day-to-day life events or politics to favorite foods, travel highlights, or other special interests. You can easily set up your own WordPress blog from your Web Hosting Control Panel.

blocked address
A blocked address is an address that you've banned from sending you email. When you set up address blocking, all incoming mail from the specified email addresses will be automatically deleted without bouncing back to the sender. Learn how to block mail from a specific sender or a domain.

Blog Manager
Your Blog Manager, located on the Manage tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel, conveniently gathers all of the tools you need to update and modify a WordPress blog activated on your site. Learn more about WordPress blogs.

Blog Manager link

breadcrumb trail
A breadcrumb trail is a series of links at the top of a web page that represents the current page's location in the web site structure. Click a link to go directly to the corresponding page. Clicking the root link of the breadcrumb trail (for example, "Manage") will bring you to the main page of the tab in which you are working. The rightmost page name or link of the breadcrumb trail indicates the page on which you are currently working.

bulk mail folder
Your bulk mail folder is a permanent Yahoo email folder in which SpamGuard or SpamGuard Plus stores messages identified as spam. If you use POP to access your Business Email, we'll download messages identified as spam with the word BULK in the subject.

Business Control Panel
From the Business Control Panel you can manage all the features of your Small Business plan — from your billing details to your domain name contact information. When you sign in to your account at or click the "Manage My Services" button, you'll arrive on this page.

Business Mail
With Business Mail, you'll get multiple email addresses that match your domain name (such as, extra email addresses for your users, and a separate inbox to store your messages. Business Mail (free with Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions plans) also includes a catch-all mailbox, unlimited email storage, POP access, spam and virus protection, and more. Learn more about Business Mail.

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