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Image isn't uploading

Yahoo Merchant Solutions and Yahoo Store support most standard image formats, including GIF, TIFF, PICT, PCX, JPG (JPEG), and progressive JPG.

If you have trouble uploading an image it could be due to image format or due to the file size.

If, after uploading an image, you see an error icon on the page—a red-x image, a small empty box, or a red square—then you may have attempted to upload an image in a format that isn't supported. It's also possible that you've uploaded a file that's corrupted (damaged in some way). One solution is to use image software (such as PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro) to convert and save the image in one of the supported formats, and then upload it again.

If the image format isn't causing an upload problem, then the difficulty may be due to image size. Yahoo Store is equipped to handle uploads of up to 16MB. However, even with a high-speed Internet connection, uploading a file this size might take a while. In general, it's preferable to use smaller-sized, lower resolution images in your store. These download quickly and don't cause long delays for customers attempting to view your product pages. We recommend 100KB as a good maximum size for a single image.

If you've reuploaded an image saved in the JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) format to your Yahoo Store and you're still seeing a red-square image, it's possible that the image you've uploaded isn't properly encoded. To resolve this, load the image into an image editing program that can re-ave your image in a properly encoded format (such as .jpg or .gif). This ensures that the encoding conforms exactly to the standard set for that format.

If you've already resaved your images using a specific image editing program and you're still getting the red square when you re-upload that image, try using a different image processing program to encode and save the image.

If you're using Adobe ImageReady or Adobe PhotoShop, be sure to save the "optimized" image (rather than the original) as a GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) file before you upload it to your store.

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