Completing a U.S. Certificate of Origin

Whether you're completing your first international order, or if you just need a refresher, we've got you covered.

The U.S. Certificate of Origin is used to verify the country in which the goods being shipped were manufactured. The goods being exported and their destination determine if this form is required. The Certificate of Origin requires the authorized signature of the local Chamber of Commerce Secretary and the seal of that organization.

Most of the information required to complete a U.S. Certificate of Origin will be provided when you complete the shipment information and the Commercial Invoice. In addition to the information already provided during these steps, you will be asked to for additional information.

  • Number of Packages in Shipment – Provide the total number of packages included in your shipment.
  • Product Weight – Provide the total weight of the products being shipped in pounds (LBS) or kilograms (KGS).

You may make changes to the U.S. Certificate of Origin during the shipment review process. To edit this form, click the form's Edit Form Contents button.

Once you've finished creating the shipment, you may print the U.S. Certificate of Origin using the Print UPS International Forms button on the shipment confirmation screen.


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