Removing an IP Address from the Block List

You can choose to remove IP addresses from the IP Block List. Buyers should be able to access the checkout process within a few minutes after removing the IP address from the IP Block List, but it may take up to one hour for the IP address to be removed.

To remove an IP address from the IP Block List:

  1. From the Store Manager, click the "Risk Tools" link appearing in the Order Settings column.
  2. Select the IP address or range you wish to remove from the IP Block List field (ctrl + click to select multiple entries).
  3. Click the "Remove" button.
    (The IP addresses no longer appear in the IP Block List).
  4. Click "Done".

Block settings should be applied within several minutes of an IP address being removed from a block list. In rare circumstances, it may be several hours before new block list settings take effect.

Note: Yahoo provides the IP address blocking feature as is and without warranty of any kind to Yahoo Merchant Solutions and Store merchants to be used at the merchants' discretion. Merchants should carefully review the Reverse DNS Lookup information provided before blocking any IP address, as IP addresses may be dynamically assigned to users by certain Internet Service Providers possibly blocking legitimate buyers and not ensuring the fraudster is blocked from ordering. Also, as IP addresses may be falsified, merchants are advised to use AVS and CVV responses to determine which orders to approve, reject, or follow up with the issuing bank.


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