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Exporting Your Orders to QuickBooks

It's easy to export order information from your Yahoo Store Manager to QuickBooks. Here's how:

  1. From the "Orders" screen in the Store Manager, indicate an order or range of orders to export to QuickBooks. Click on the Export button.

  2. On the next page, click the Export link and choose "Save to Disk," name your IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) file, and save the file to the hard drive of your computer.

  3. Open QuickBooks.

  4. In QuickBooks, select Import from the File menu.

  5. Finally, select the IIF file that you saved on your hard drive in Step 2. Your Yahoo Store order information will now be viewable in QuickBooks.

Note: Yahoo currently supports QuickBooks exports of order information up to QuickBooks 2002. Other versions may also be compatible, but are not guaranteed.

Enhancements to improve compatibility between your store and QuickBooks are noted below. Please note that these enhancements are only supported for QuickBooks 2002 and previous versions of QuickBooks. We cannot guarantee compatibility and functionality for other versions of QuickBooks.

  • The customer email address is now exported to the correct matching field in QuickBooks. In the old format, the customer email address was exported to the QuickBooks alternate phone field. Because this field has a 21-character limit, some email addresses were truncated in the old format.
  • We've improved the mapping of address fields from Yahoo Store to QuickBooks. Now, the first 40 characters from the first line of the Yahoo Store address field are mapped directly to Address 1 in QuickBooks. Likewise, 40 characters from the second line of the Yahoo Store address field are mapped directly to Address 2 in QuickBooks.
  • Shipping and billing info fields have been reformatted for your convenience so that they fit within the standard QuickBooks template.
  • The Yahoo Store discount field now exports correctly to QuickBooks. In the old format, discount orders were not exported correctly.
  • It's now possible to export two transactions for each order: one for invoice and one for payment. In the old format, only the invoice transaction was exported. Exporting the payment makes it easier to reconcile order with invoice, and eliminates the need to reenter the payment manually.
  • We've prefilled the payment methods menu on the "Receive Payments" screen in QuickBooks with the methods your store supports. Now you don't need to reenter this information.

Please note that exporting to non-U.S. versions that use VAT instead of sales tax may not work if you use automatic sales tax calculation.

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