Order Tracking

More than half of customer complaints from online stores are due to customers not being able to find out when their order will arrive. The Order Tracking system helps you keep your customers informed.

Items shipped or backordered
When viewing an order, use the drop-down menu to the right of Tracking Information to indicate that the order has been shipped, or an estimated time to ship (see A figure 1). If items are shipped separately, click "Multiple Shipments." This will copy this information to each item in the order. Now edit the tracking information for each item.

Figure 1: Order Status

When you change the information, it sends an email to the customer updating him on the order status.

You can add a message to the order confirmation & status update emails using the "Shipment Status" link on the Store Manager. You can also preview what the email will look like from this page.

Package Tracking
If you use UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, or some USPS services, you can enter a tracking number for the package when you ship it. Once the shipment has been picked up by the carrier, customers will be able to find the exact location of their package from the order status page. If you have selected "Multiple Shipments" for this order, this information will be separate for each item.

For merchants that register to use our integrated UPS functionality, tracking numbers will be automatically inserted into the order confirmation emails so your customers can track their packages when shipped via UPS. To learn more about our integrated UPS functionality, go to the
UPS Promotion page.

What the customer sees
Every order status email contains a URL that shows the current status for that order. There is also a link to this page at the bottom of each order when you view them in the Store Manager, so you can see exactly what the customer sees.

Advanced users may want to set up automatic order tracking updates.

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