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Sending Confirmation Emails Automatically

Online stores can provide a better experience for customers and save time by preventing calls from customers by sending out automated order confirmation and order status emails. If you are a small volume store you may wish to send a personal email with each order but larger volumes store may not have the luxury of time to do so. The Shipment & Order Status page allows you to:

  • send automated order confirmation emails
  • send automated order status emails

Your customers will have the option in the checkout process to choose whether to receive an order confirmation email from your store. To enable this feature, you must enter an email address in the Order Confirmation Email field on the Shipment Status page (off the Store Manager page). You can enter the text for the email in the Confirmation Email field on the same page.

To set up Order Confirmation Automated Emails:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the Store Manager.
  3. Click the "Shipment & Order Status" link in the Order Settings column.
  4. Enter a valid email address in the "Order confirmation email reply address" field (see A figure 1). This will be the email address from which the email is sent (such as This is a required field. Failure to enter a valid email address will result in no order confirmation email messages being sent.
  5. Click "Update" (see B figure 1).
  6. Click the "Publish Order Settings" link to publish the changes to your store.

Figure 1: Shipment Status page


You can also enter an email address to which bounced (undeliverable) email can be returned. You may wish to enter this field as it can tell you whether or not the email address provided really exists. While a real address is no guarantee against fraud, a customer entering a fake email address can be a warning sign of fraud.

To customize the Order Confirmation email:

  1. From the Shipment Status page, enter text in the "Confirmation Email" field. (HTML is not accepted)
  2. Click "Preview Email" to see what your Confirmation Email will look like.
  3. Click "Update" when finished (see B figure 1).
  4. Click the "Publish Order Settings" link to publish the changes yo your store.

You can edit text in the "Status Update Email" field to change the content of the email sent when the status of an order is updated.

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