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Customer Ratings: How It Works

The Customer Ratings feature is designed to achieve two goals:

  • Provide merchants an easy, automated way to collect and view feedback from buyers about the customer's experience with their store.
  • If the merchant is a part of Yahoo Shopping, ratings provide a resource for shoppers to see how merchants are ranked by both visitors and customers of the store.

How Ratings Work:

  1. Merchants can turn on Customer Ratings for all their orders in the Store Manager. In Checkout & Registration Manager, you can enable customer ratings on the Checkout Settings tab in the Global Settings module. To make the change live, you will need to publish your order settings.
  2. Shoppers are given the option during checkout to rate the merchant. There will be an extra checkbox in the Billing section allowing shoppers to receive an email with a link to a rating form. See figure 1 for an example of this field.
Figure 1: An example of what customers see during checkout for a merchant with Customer Ratings enabled.
Figure 1: An example of what customers see during checkout for a merchant with Customer Ratings enabled.
  1. Shoppers who select the checkbox will be sent an email a few weeks later, asking them to rate the store.
  2. Shoppers then use the link to go to the rating form and select ratings from poor to excellent for the overall experience and for five aspects of their experience with the store:
    • Price
    • Shipping options
    • Delivery
    • Ease of purchase
    • Customer service
    Shoppers can also submit comments as part of their rating. When submitting the form, shoppers can choose to send a copy of their comments to the merchant, or not. View an example of the rating form.
  3. If the shopper has agreed to send comments to the merchant, then the merchant will receive the comments at the address entered by the merchant when enabling ratings.

Where Rating Information Appears

Rating information appears in either the Store Manager or, both the Store Manager and Yahoo Shopping, depending on the merchant (though the display of rating information is somewhat different between the two):

  • Store Manager: If you have enabled ratings but are not part of Yahoo Shopping, then rating information is only for merchant-purposes only. You can use this data to see how your customers rank your overall customer experience.
  • Yahoo Shopping: If you have enabled ratings, are listed in Yahoo Shopping through PriceGrabber, and have linked your PriceGrabber Retailer ID with your Yahoo store, then ratings will appear in Yahoo Shopping.
Ratings for Merchant Purposes Only

The Store Manager will display two bar graphs when you have enabled and received customer ratings (see figure 2). These graphs use a different color to represent each of the five possible ratings from excellent to poor. In the top graph, the width of each colored bar indicates the relative number of customers giving you a particular rating. The bottom graph shows the relative percentages of the combined ratings given to participating merchants in Yahoo Shopping. We provide this information so you can compare the response of your customers to that of the average merchant. Learn more about viewing customer ratings statistics.

Figure 2:The Store Manager showing the Customer Ratings section highlighted. The top bar graph is specific to the store, while the bottom graph is an average of all Yahoo Shopping merchant ratings .

Ratings Used in Yahoo Shopping
For merchants participating in Yahoo Shopping, stores will receive a certain number stars depending on their customer ratings. The more stars the better rated the merchant. These ratings are displayed in Yahoo Shopping in several places. For more information about ratings and where they appear, please consult Yahoo Shopping Merchant Help.

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