Can I edit the registration confirmation email?

The default registration email content contains values that are replaced with information from your store, and from the customer's registered information. These values are represented in the email content as:

[NAME] - The customer's name, provided during store account registration.
[DOMAIN] - Your store's domain.
[PROVIDER] - The provider of the user ID the customer registered with your store (Yahoo, Google, or AOL).
[PRIVACY] - Your store's privacy policy page.

If you choose to modify the content of your email, you may use these values in your email content, and they will be replaced with the information noted above.

The default email content is:

Dear [NAME],

Thank you for registering your account with [DOMAIN]. This email is being sent as confirmation of your registration. Our records show that you've registered with us using your [PROVIDER] account.

As a registered customer, you can now:

* Place an order in just a few clicks, without having to re-enter your shipping information and other details each time you shop.
* Easily track your order status and history.

You can access and edit your account information at any time, by visiting your Account Information page at:

We appreciate your business, and thank you again for registering with us.

Best regards,


Modifying the registration confirmation email for your store is optional. If not customized, the default message (above) will be sent to your registered customers upon registration.

To modify the registration confirmation email:
  1. In the Store Manager, click the "Shipment & Order Status" link, located in the Order Settings column.
  2. Locate the Registration Confirmation Email field.
  3. Customize the content in the Registration Confirmation Email field using text and/or the variables noted above. HTML cannot be used to customize the email.
  4. If you wish to preview your email to see what the email message to customers will look like (recommended), click the "Preview Email" button.
  5. Click "Update" to save your changes.
  6. Publish your Order Settings.

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