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Getting started with Checkout & Registration Manager

Welcome to Checkout & Registration Manager. Yahoo Small Business is excited to release this feature and provide our merchants with a greater degree of control over their checkout pages. Checkout & Registration Manager provides the features that merchants have requested around the flow, design, and integration of checkout pages. This document will introduce you to the Checkout & Registration Manager hub, the four modules of Checkout & Registration Manager, and the previewing, saving and publishing of custom checkout pages. You can use the following links to jump ahead if you choose.

Before you jump in to learning about the Checkout & Registration Manager, you are encouraged to read the release notes, which contain a description of the features, the current status of the release, and most importantly a list of known issues with which merchants should familiarize themselves.


Checkout & Registration Manager is fully functional using the default checkout settings. You could save your Checkout & Registration Manager settings and publish order settings and your store would have a fully functioning checkout process. If you are building your store and wish to open for business quickly, you can use the system defaults. You can also use controls in Checkout & Registration Manager to quickly set global visual styles to create checkout pages that match the look of your store. To achieve the greatest degree of control over the design of your pages, you can add HTML to checkout regions and download, edit, and upload a custom CSS file. In order to get started, access Checkout & Registration Manager.

To access Checkout & Registration Manager:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the Store Manager.
  3. Click the "Checkout & Registration Manager" link.
  4. Enter your security key.

Checkout & Registration Manager hub

The Checkout & Registration Manager hub provides links to the four modules within Checkout & Registration Manager:

  • Global Settings
  • Visual Customization
  • Page Configuration
  • Advanced Settings

The hub also contains some help links to aid you in completing common tasks in Checkout & Registration Manager.

Testing and Enabling Checkout & Registration Manager

The Checkout & Registration Manager hub also contains links to test your custom checkout pages and enable Checkout & Registration Manager (only for merchants that signed up prior to 04/12/2006). You can test your custom checkout flow once you have customized, saved, and published your Checkout & Registration Manager settings. Testing allows you to place test orders from your store once enabled as a buyer would.

Global Settings module

The Global Settings module contains checkout flow settings controls, global page regions fields, and checkout settings (customer ratings, links, gift wrap options, etc). The module contains three tabs to access these controls:

Note: There are no navigation links between modules in Checkout & Registration Manager. You need to return to the Checkout & Registration Manager hub page to access other modules. Look for the "Checkout & Registration Manager" link appearing below the blue bar at the top of the page.

Visual Customization module

The Visual Customization module is where you modify the visual design of your checkout pages. You can choose the default styles, set global visual styles, or upload a custom CSS file. You also customize the progress indicator, set global button styles, and customize individual buttons from this module.

The Visual Customization module contains three tabs:

  • Global Styles—select a stylesheet to use and set global button styles
    • Choose to use the default CSS, or download, edit, and upload a custom CSS file.
    • Select global visual styles to modify fonts, links, and section headers and borders.
    • Set global button styles
  • Progress Indicator—customize the graphics or images to show shoppers where they are in your checkout process
    • use CSS graphics for your progress indicator
    • upload custom images for your progress indicator
  • Checkout Buttons—set individual checkout button styles

Note: Access to the Progress Indicator and Checkout Buttons tabs is dependent on first selecting the "Configurable Styles" option. The tabs will not appear with "Default" or "Custom Styles" options selected.

Page Configuration

The "Page Configuration" module allows you to edit elements of individual checkout pages. Just as you selected global settings in the "Global Settings" module, you edit individual pages in the "Page Configuration" module.

Note: The tabs you see listed in the Page Configuration module correspond to the flow settings you selected previously. In other words, if you selected single-page checkout option and hide Order Review in the Flow Settings tab of the Global Settings module, the Page Configuration would show only two tabs: Single-page Checkout and Order Confirmation. If showing the Order Review page, three tabs would appear.

The tabs in the Page Configuration module allow you to modify elements of the pages including:

The main purpose of each tab will be to manage standard and custom fields. You can add fields, edit fields, hide fields, and delete fields.

When creating fields, you can select the field type (including adding hidden and plain text fields). You can make fields required, add default values to selection fields, and even add help text to guide shoppers in completing checkout pages.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings module provides access to special checkout settings such as order button behavior, special cases such as downloadable goods and gift certificates.

The Advanced Settings module contains two tabs:

Previewing custom checkout pages

Checkout & Registration Manager allows you to preview changes as you make them. To preview, click the "Preview" button at the top and bottom of each Checkout & Registration Manager tab (except the Revert tab). You can then click the links in the bottom frame to preview other pages. You are not able to navigate between pages in preview mode using the buttons and links with the preview pages. The pages that appear in preview are dependent on your flow settings selected in the Flow Settings tab of the Global Settings module.

Note: Clicking "Preview" also saves any changes you made on the page from which you preview as it is necessary for Checkout & Registration Manager to save the current settings in order to generate a preview of the pages. If you have unwanted changes you will need to undo them or leave and return to the page before previewing.

Publishing your Checkout & Registration Manager settings

When you have customized and saved your Checkout & Registration Manager settings, and you have previewed your pages, you are ready to publish your custom checkout pages.

To publish your Checkout & Registration Manager settings:

  1. From Checkout & Registration Manager, return to the Store Manager.
  2. Click the "Publish Order Settings" link.
  3. Click the "Publish" button.

Enabling Custom Checkout for Shoppers

For merchants that signed up prior to 04/12/2006, you must enable your custom checkout flow before shoppers will be able to checkout using your new checkout pages.

Further Resources

We encourage you to research what changes you can make to your checkout pages to decrease cart abandonment and thereby increase conversions. You can start by making design and branding changes to make your checkout pages look like your site. You may wish to read online articles about checkout design by searching phrases such as shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rate.

For more help, view the Checkout & Registration Manager Help pages.

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