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Using CSS to Customize Your Floating Cart Appearance

Floating cart display settings may be customized using a custom CSS file, which can be downloaded from the Visual Settings tab of Floating Cart Manager.

Note: Use of CSS to customize your mini-cart and floating cart is recommended only for developers and merchants who are familiar with CSS.
Incorrect CSS formatting can cause display issues with your mini-cart and floating cart.

To download the floating cart CSS file:

  1. In Floating Cart Manager, click the Visual Customization tab.
  2. Locate the Advanced Design Settings section near the bottom of the page.
  3. Enable the Use Custom CSS checkbox. The section will expand to display a CSS file download link, and an Upload CSS File field.
  4. Click the Download custom floating cart CSS link, and save the CSS file to your computer when prompted.

Once you've saved the CSS file, you may make edits to it, then upload your changes.

To upload your edited CSS file:

  1. In Floating Cart Manager, click the Visual Customization tab.
  2. In the Advanced Design Settings section, click the Browse button beside the Upload CSS File field.
  3. Locate the edited CSS file on your computer. Select this file, then click the Upload button.
  4. Save, or Save and preview your settings. Once your settings have been saved, you may publish your changes. Previewing your changes before publishing is recommended.

Reverting to previous settings

Should you modify your mini-cart and floating cart CSS and need to revert to default settings, you may do so by doing the following:

  1. In the Visual Customization tab of Floating Cart Manager, locate the Advanced Design Settings section.
  2. Disable the Use Custom CSS checkbox.
  3. Save your changes, then Publish your new settings. Your mini-cart and floating cart will revert to default visual display settings.

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