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Search Result Settings on the Site Search Settings page

The Search Result Settings section of the Site Search Settings page lets you customize how search results are displayed on the search results page once a search is performed. The default settings you configure here are how search results will initially display to shoppers when they perform a search.

Once results are returned, the user performing the search may choose their own view and sort preferences. However, the settings you have defined for the Categories for category drop-down, Include "Add to Cart" button, Exclude non-orderable items, Include quick view feature, Include category drop-down, and Use titlecase for brand names options will remain as you have set them.

Grid view and List view

These options control how results are displayed by default on your search results page.

Grid view displays search results side-by-side, like in the example below:

Search results displayed in grid view

List view displays search results in a list with one item per line, like in the example below:

Search results displayed in grid view

Note: If the person performing the search on your site selects a particular view, this selection will be stored in their web browser using a cookie. The next time this user visits your site and performs a search, their selection will be retained, even if it differs from the default setting you have selected.

Results sorted by

The "Results sorted by" option controls how search results are ordered by default. "Relevance" shows the results in order of greatest to least relevance to the search term, "Price (low to high)" shows the results in order of lowest-priced to highest-priced items, and "Price (high to low)" shows the results in order of highest-priced to lowest-priced items.

Categories for category drop-down

You may specify item categories in your store to show in your store's search bar drop-down list. Specifying and displaying categories in this list requires the "Include category drop down" option to be enabled. When a category is selected in the drop-down list and a search is performed, only matching items from the selected category will be shown on the search results page.

Default category IDs for categories to display that are detected as existing in your store by the Site Search Settings UI may be pre-populated in this field. You may choose to edit these category IDs, or enter new category IDs. Category IDs should be separated by commas (e.g. category1,category2,category3,category4). The category IDs entered must be a valid category IDs that exist in your store. Category IDs can be found in Store Editor or Catalog Manager. Learn how.

Include "Add to Cart" button

When you select the "Include 'Add to Cart' button" option, an "Add to Cart" button is displayed with each orderable item returned in the search results. This enables customers to add items to their shopping cart directly from the search results page.

Exclude non-orderable items

Choosing to exclude non-orderable items means items that currently cannot be ordered from your store will not be shown in search results. When this option is not selected, all matching results will be displayed whether or not the item can currently be ordered.

Include quick view feature

When enabled, shoppers can hover over the item image in search results and choose to get a preview, or "quick look" of the item from the search results page, rather than having to click through to the item page.

Enable promoted items

When enabled, items matching a search term that are given the "promoted" attribute in Catalog Manager will be shown before other matching items in search results. For example, you may wish to show matching items with higher profit margins before other items. The "promoted" attribute must first be added to item tables in Catalog Manager, and specific items you wish to promote in search results must have this attribute set to "Yes." Learn how to promote items.

Include category drop-down

Including a category drop-down list beside the search field allows shoppers to select a category from your store to search within, or to search all categories in your store. If you experience issues with the category drop-down, you may also use this option to disable the category drop-down by de-selecting it and publishing your settings.

Use titlecase for brand names

This option can be used to making the letter casing consistent for all brand names appearing as part of the brand filter on the search results page. For example, if you have a brand that is all uppercase (BRAND NAME), a brand that is all lowercase (brand name), and a brand that uses a mixture of cases (BraNd NaMe), enabling this option would show all brand names using titlecase (Brand Name).

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