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Introduction to building with SiteBuilder

We recommend SiteBuilder if you have a limited number of products (fewer than 20) or infrequent updates. With SiteBuilder, if you make edits to your layout or links to new sections, you must make the changes to each page. With Store Editor, if you make changes to design, layout, or links, Store Editor automatically makes the changes to all pages, making Store Editor a more manageable solution for larger stores. Compare your options for building a store.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions gives you the flexibility to build your e-commerce site using a variety of website authoring programs. In addition to the Yahoo Store Editor, you can use Adobe Dreamweaver, an HTML authoring tool, or Yahoo SiteBuilder—the focus of this article.

Entering products using Catalog Manager

Building and managing pages for dozens or hundreds of products becomes inefficient unless you separate your product information (prices, description, images, etc.) from the actual pages. Otherwise to change prices you'd need to open and edit each page. Yahoo Merchant Solutions makes managing and growing your store products possible by offering Catalog Manager and Store Tags. You use Catalog Manager to create, edit, and maintain all product information. You can then use Store Tags to pull this product data into your pages.

Building using Yahoo SiteBuilder

Yahoo SiteBuilder allows you to directly import your product catalog from Catalog Manager. You can then insert product modules (predefined groups of Store Tags) to build your section and item pages. You can also customize the product modules to include specific Store Tags to display certain product attributes.

After publishing, when a visitor to the website goes to a page with Store Tags, product data is pulled from Catalog Manager and displayed on the page. This allows you to edit your product data as often as you want without needing to open, edit, and republish the pages of your site in SiteBuilder. You only need to publish your Catalog Manager.

Customizing shopping cart and checkout pages

While your section and item pages (and non-product pages, such as Information and Privacy Policy) are built in SiteBuilder, your shopping cart and checkout pages are not edited using SiteBuilder. Rather, you can make certain edits to the shopping cart and checkout pages using the Order Form page under the Order Settings column in Store Manager.

These three tools together make up the workflow for building a Yahoo Store when building with Yahoo SiteBuilder.

  • Catalog Manager to enter and maintain your product data
  • Yahoo SiteBuilder to build your storefront
  • Store Manager to customize your shopping cart and checkout

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