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Deleting a Page in the Store Editor

To completely delete a page:

  1. Sign in to the Store Editor.
  2. Navigate to your Home page by clicking the "Index" button. (If you do not use the Index button in your store, you need to edit your Home page and add the button to the Buttons property on your Home page.)
  3. Click the link to the page to get to that page in the Store Editor.
  4. Click the "Delete" button in the Editor Toolbar to delete the item page from your store.
  5. Repeat this step in order to delete any other missing item pages so they are no longer visible to customers.

Warning: If you delete a section page (also known as a parent page) you will also be deleting the items within that section (children of the parent page). If you do not wish to delete the items along with the section, move the items to another section prior to deleting the section page.

You will need to publish your store in the Store Editor for these changes to go take effect in your published store.

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