Create a CSV import file using Notepad

Looking for an easy way to manage your product catalog? Build a CSV file to add or update products in your store.

 Don't know what a .csv file is? It's a comma delimited database file. Commas are used to separate different fields in the database.

Product CSV file format

The first thing you'll want to check is that your CSV file is properly formatted.

  • A record is a list of all the attributes of a product – End each record with a line break.
  • Fields are the names of the attributes – Each record must have an "id," "code," or "name."
  • Values are the data associated with each field – Separate each value with a comma.
  • Products with multiple options – Separate each option with a line break.
  • Values that contain a comma or line break – Put quotation marks around them.
  • Values that contain quotes – Put double quotation marks around them.

Prepare your CSV file

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. On the first line, enter your fields separated by commas. See our list of supported fields.
  3. Add a record for each item. Separate each record with a single line break.
    Shirts,F23,Polo Shirt,"Size S M L XL
    Color Marigold Taupe ""Sea Green""",22.95
    Pants,P12,Chinos,"Waist 32 34 36
    Inseam 30 32 34",34.95
    • Rows 2 – 3 - Entry for shirt with 2 options (size and color); code=F23; price=$22.95
    • Rows 4 – 5 - Entry for pants with 2 options (waist and inseam); code=P12; price=$34.95
  4. Save the file with a .csv file extension.

Your data is now in a simple format to upload to your store.

CSV file not importing correctly?

  • Missing fields within records – If you want to leave a field empty, remember to include the comma, or the remaining fields will be off by one.
  • Extra line breaks at the end of the file – After the last field in the last record, add one line break and save the file. Remove any extra line breaks at the end of the file.

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